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About me

My name is Inma Mora and I was born in Madrid, although I’ve been living in Barcelona half my life.

I am a Certified Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language by UB (Universitat de Barcelona) and a Cervantes Institute accredited DELE examiner.

I’ve been teaching since 2011 and have experience teaching all levels (A1-C1), groups, individuals, online and in-person. Over the years, I’ve taught students from all levels, ages and backgrounds who’ve had a variety of interests (travel, work, family, culture). It has been, and still is, an amazing experience to help my students and to learn from them at the same time.



What drove me to become a Spanish teacher was, first, my passion for languages, travel, history and anthropology, and second, the many teachers I’ve had throughout my life who have inspired me to join this beautiful profession.

I enjoy teaching my native language from a cultural point of view. Trying to get my students to understand and use Spanish – not only the meaning of the words or the translation but from the perspective of the language – can take time depending on the student’s situation, culture and background. 

We all feel a bit unconfident when we start expressing ourselves in a new language. We don’t know if we are making mistakes or using the right words. So one of the first approaches is to help the student gain confidence, at the same time as learning and improving. That’s why I try to create an informal, warm and relaxed atmosphere in my classes.

I structure my teaching around the individuality of each student, their goals, interests, and hobbies, and use all kinds of materials that are meaningful and relevant to each person.

Learning a language is not only about grammar and vocabulary. It’s a cultural journey. It’s about communicating in a real and significant way through an engaging experience.