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Reasons to learn a language and how I can help you

Learning a new language is an amazing journey. Enjoy it!
Everyone is different and has different reasons to start learning another language:

  • Cultural interest in Spanish-speaking countries. I’m from Spain, so that’s my native culture, but I have a general interest in Spanish and Latin American language, history, and anthropology. So I’m well prepared to help you with the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Spanish for work. Spanish is the second-most spoken language on the planet. In this globalised world, you will probably find yourself in situations where it’s a plus to know the Spanish language and business terminology. Before I became a teacher, I studied Business Management so I’m quite familiar with business terminology and language.

Travelling or moving to a Spanish-speaking country. This is truly one of my passions, and a situation I’ve been in on various occasions. I’ll be able to help you through this, having experienced it myself. I can teach you how to have a simple conversation in a shop or a bar or how to have a full living experience in your new destination.

Online Spanish lessons

General Spanish lessons

Lessons are designed to help you communicate effectively in real-life situations. 

Conversational Spanish lessons

If you already have an intermediate level of Spanish, these lessons will help you..

Spanish for travelling

To help you communicate in
real-life situations on your trip to a Spanish-speaking country. 


Designed for students from an intermediate level or higher who want to succeed…