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Reasons to learn a language and how I can help you

Hello,  my name is Inma,  I’m a certified Spanish teacher,  passionate about languages, history and cultures, ready to help  in your Spanish Journey.

Everyone is different and has different reasons to start learning another language:

  • Travelling or moving to a Spanish-speaking country
  • Spanish for work or bussiness
  • DELE exams.
  • Cultural interest in Spanish-speaking countries.

I have coached many students in their learning process. Approaching the process from various perspectives,  according  to their own reasons to learn. 

Learning a new language is an amazing trip through many different topics.

Contact me for more details or book your Free Trial.

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Online Spanish lessons

General Spanish lessons

Lessons are designed to help you communicate effectively in real-life situations. 

Conversational Spanish lessons

If you already have an intermediate level of Spanish, these lessons will help you..

Spanish for travelling

To help you communicate in
real-life situations on your trip to a Spanish-speaking country. 

DELE preparation course

These lessons are designed for students that are willing to pass Institute Cervantes exam, DELE,  from A1 to B2.


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